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Training Seminars

Are you looking for seminars which specifically meet your needs, your organisational objectives and your business strategy?    Is it important that the training programme includes aspects of your corporate culture, e.g. your mission and vision, your man-agement principles or simply the perspective of your customers and the markets you do business with? Do you want seminars which make use of creative methods and in which the participants can have fun and at the same time gather extensive knowledge for practical use?

Successful managers do not just appear – they are made because leadership skills can be learned.

We offer explicit solutions to develop managerial and specialist skills. Our individual training concepts are as unique as you are.

We offer training in the following areas:

  • Leadership skills
e.g. strategy & decisions, public speaking & body language, motivation & del-egation, methodological competence
e.g. work techniques, time & self-management, project & process manage-ment
  • Professional skills
e.g. sales, human resources & law, production & logistics
  • Social skills
e.g. communication & public speaking techniques, negotiation & presentation techniques, conflict management

An example:

Developing interview techniques

Not only are interview and negotiation techniques important in recruitment, but they also play an important role in the fields of management audits, assessment centres and potential analysis.

We are not questioning the importance of interviews (in the area of recruitment).  

However how many managers and personnel officers are often not able to choose the right applicant for the job, although they feel perfectly confident in doing their job?

We use a proven and tested interview technique and discursive strategies to over-come these challenges.

In our interview training you will learn, 

  • which questions you have to ask to get the information you want to know,
  • how you assess the applicant’s answers accurately, and
  • how you can generate a precise person specification.