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Developing managerial skills

Potential analysis, management appraisals, assessment and development centres, and 360° feedback.

Who can perform the task best? What are his/her opportunities? -> Developing po-tential and competencies as the basis for long-term success, the achievement of objectives, the transparent evaluation of performance.

Areas in which informed decision-making is needed: 

Im Rahmen des Recruitingprozesses bei der Entscheidung zwischen den letzten Kandidaten
  • in recruiting processes e.g. when selecting between the last two applicants
  • in internal recruiting processes
  • in deciding how to put together teams
  • in career management

“It is only good bosses who discover latent talent!” – This saying by Thomas Niederreuther is correct. 

We help you to identify latent talent and we can communicate this to your managers.

In the area of talent management, we offer individual and group assessments for the appointment of important specialist and managerial positions.

We use a combination of different methods, for example:
  • interviews,
  • work examples, e.g. presentations on predetermined topics
  • simulations, e.g. of staff appraisals or customer interviews, and
  • potential analysis as well as 360° feedback.

Would you like to know the current status of your employees’ skills in order to identify appropriate individual development programmes or to be able to make specific human resource decisions?

Here we use various proven approaches, for example:
  • different methods of potential analysis and
  • 360° feedback.
Most of our instruments are software and IT-assisted and respected in the German-speaking world. All methods have been scientifically tested and validated, which ensures the reliable identification of potentials who really merit the name.

The analysis of potential is exclusively carried out in combination with personal feedback interviews. The aim is to identify the local staff’s skills and abilities and their individual development needs.

Our 360° feedback makes use of one of the most innovative instruments available on the market today.  Every manager taking part in the process receives feedback from superiors, peers and other employees on 18 different aspects. From this feedback, individual measures for personal further development can be recommended.  Measures for the organisation are also proposed. If you would like more information on this service, please contact us.

If you are interested in the method we use for potential analysis: we work with vari-ous instruments, for example:

BIP – The ”Bochum Inventory for Occupation-Related Personality Description”  is the oldest and most respected instrument in Germany for assessing personal potential, produced by the Ruhr University in Bochum.